Officers and Board of Directors

Officers are elected by association members at the annual conference. Officer positions are open for election for two-year terms. Board members are elected to alternating three-year terms. Sergeant-at-Arms and Chaplain are appointed by the President.


Title Name Term Phone
President (ACTING) Vince Scarlata ACTING (501) 681-1683
1st VP Vince Scarlata Returning (501) 681-1683
Northwest VP (see map) Paul Foley 1st Term (479) 414-1290
Northeast VP (see map) Donald Schull 1st Term (501) 230-2721
Southwest VP (see map) Bill Carpenter Returning (501) 617-1481
Southeast VP (see map) Jerry Bates Returning (870) 370-1180
Treasurer Keith Brummett  1st Term (479) 531-2099
Secretary Keith Brummett  1st Term (479) 531-2099
Exec Board Member James Thomas 1st Term (870) 365-6303
Board Member Lewis Hall 1st Term – 2014 (870) 338-4935
Board Member Bruce Carman (2yr) 2nd Term – 2013 (870) 543-0212
Board Member Mike Odom (3yr) 1st Term – 2013 (870) 692-0563
Chaplain Mark Smith 1st Term
Sergeant-at-Arms Randy Beck Returning (479) 650-8858